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Urns made of mycelium

Edenn is a company that specializes in producing urns made from mycelium, the root structure of fungi. With the support of Magical Mushroom Company®, Edenn has successfully transformed the concept of a tree-bearing urn into a tangible product that addresses waste and pollution issues.

Mycelium offers an environmentally friendly alternative to petroleum-based polymers, as it can develop its fibers by digesting organic waste. These fibers can be shaped into durable, versatile, and visually appealing products. At Edenn’s plant in Esher, mycelium is combined with recycled agrowaste in custom molds to create the urns. This manufacturing process eliminates the need for chemicals or industrial processing, resulting in reduced energy consumption and harmful emissions.

The urns created by Edenn and Magical Mushroom Company® prioritize sustainability and biodegradability and also serve as a means to grow a tree and contribute to the nourishment of the environment. Alternatively, the urns can be stored at home without any negative effects, making them everlasting and even backed by a lifetime warranty.

Edenn has launched its urns online and has already established strong partnerships with funeral directors throughout the UK, reflecting its commitment to introducing sustainability into the afterlife. The creation of these urns showcases the extensive potential and diverse applications of mycelium and Mushroom® Packaging, demonstrating the broader capabilities of this innovative material.

Instagram: instagram.com/edenn.life

Website: www.edenn.life