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Magical Mushroom Company

Magical Mushroom is a company that utilizes the natural properties of mycelium, the material structure of fungi, to grow eco-friendly protective packaging.

By combining mycelium with agricultural waste such as hemp, cork and sawdust, the company is able to produce packaging that is safe, sustainable, and totally home-compostable.

This innovative solution is perfect for a wide range of industries, including packaging, horticulture, and interior design.

Since 2020, Magical Mushroom has produced over 500,000 pieces of its signature Mushroom® Packaging, effectively removing over 1,000 tonnes of EPS packaging from landfills by 2023. The company’s mission is to solve the plastic problem with the magic of mushrooms.

Magical Mushroom’s Mushroom® Packaging

Magical Mushroom’s Mushroom® Packaging is not only environmentally friendly but also performs well compared to traditional polystyrene packaging. It is not subject to the new plastic packaging tax and is cost competitive with conventional foamed polymers. The product also meets the highest standards of sustainability, catering to the growing demands of environmentally conscious customers.

These are some of the environmentally friendly features of Mushroom® Packaging:


Turning waste slurry into biogas. This biogas can be used as an alternative to electricity or gas.


Magical Mushroom’s Mushroom® Packaging can decompose naturally without oxygen when broken down into small pieces at the end of its life. This decomposition process does not cause any ecological harm and returns the material back to the natural environment.


Magical Mushroom’s Mushroom® Packaging is naturally water-resistant and able to shrug off water. The manufacturing process includes a coating that repels water, and an additional process to fully waterproof the material.