The Keys of Enoch

“The Keys of Enoch” is a spiritual and philosophical book written by J.J. Hurtak in 1973.

A mycelium eco-dome

Imagine constructing eco domes using locally-sourced materials that actually grow into the panels using … Read more

Ecodome made from mycelium

Mycelium based panels for EcoDome can be a perfect fit, they are sustainable, low carbon footprint, biodegradabile and cost effective.

A surfboard made from mycelium

Currently, surfboards are made from polystyrene, polyurethane, and resin boards, which stay in landfills or oceans for hundreds of years.

Where can I buy Mushroom leather?

Mushroom or mycelium leather is commercially limited available. Mycelium leather is not yet available for consumers to purchase in raw form.

What temperature does mycelium die?

The best process for heat treatment will depend on the specific type of mycelium material being grown, as well as the equipment and resources available to you.

Mycelium Careers

A job board for mycelium companies with job listings in Mycofabrication, Bioeconomy and Biomimicry.

The mycelium leather process

Mycelium leather is a sustainable and innovative alternative to traditional leather. It is a material that is created from the root structure of mushrooms, also known as mycelium.

Dan Widmaier about fashion made of mycelium

By using materials with a similar microstructure as collagen in cowhide, it is possible to create a sustainable alternative like Mylo, made from mycelium.

This mycelium brick could replace concrete

Researchers and architects are exploring the potential of using mushrooms as a building material due to the high levels of carbon dioxide emissions produced by the construction industry.

Mycelium in architecture

Explore the potential for using mycelium in large-scale projects such as skyscrapers or airports, and consider the potential for mycelium to revolutionize the way we think about building materials.

Case: a mycelium leather wallet

Mycelium leather wallet is a sustainable alternative to traditional leather, as it is made from the root structure of mushrooms.

Mycelium leather

A new material that is gaining attention as a sustainable and ethical alternative to traditional leather: mycelium leather.

White mycelium leather in automotive interiors

The use of mycelium leather

Mycelium leather is a sustainable and environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional animal leather.