Geodesic Domes

Tools you need to build a dome

When building a dome, there’s a set of tools you’ll need to ensure precision, safety, and efficiency.

Ecodome interior designs

Ecodomes, with their focus on sustainability and harmony with nature, offer a unique canvas for interior design.

Ecodome made of mycelium bricks

Ecodomes made of fungi

Imagine constructing eco domes using locally-sourced materials that actually grow into the panels using molds.

Ecodome made from mycelium

Mycelium based panels for EcoDome can be a perfect fit, they are sustainable, low carbon footprint, biodegradabile and cost effective.

Ecodome with woman with white dress

Mycelium in architecture

Explore the potential for using mycelium in large-scale projects such as skyscrapers or airports, and consider the potential for mycelium to revolutionize the way we think about building materials.