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Ink tray made from mycelium

Good Judy is pioneering the use of mycelium as a sustainable material in the tattoo industry. By blending mycelium with hemp by-products, the company has developed ink trays that showcase the potential of plant-based alternatives to plastic.

The blend of mycelium and hemp by-products creates a material that repurposes agricultural waste, contributing to a circular economy.

These ink trays are made from sustainable materials and are also biodigestible. They break down in anaerobic environments, enabling bacteria to decompose them in the absence of oxygen. This property makes them a viable alternative to conventional plastic trays that contribute to pollution and landfill waste.

Good Judy’s manufacturing partner, The Magical Mushroom Company ®, is working on a recycling program to further enhance the sustainability of the mycelium-based ink trays. The program aims to collect used trays and supply them to anaerobic digestion plants, where they can contribute to the generation of clean energy.

These UK-made ink trays represent a shift toward eco-friendly materials within the tattoo industry. Good Judy’s vision is to continue exploring the versatile applications of mycelium-based materials, promoting a more sustainable future.