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Where can I buy Mushroom leather?

Mushroom leather (often known as mycelium leather) is an emerging product with limited commercial availability. Some companies are producing goods made of this material but they are not yet widely available for consumers to purchase in raw form.

One company that was working on mycelium-based materials is Bolt Threads, a company that specializes in developing new materials that are inspired by nature. They collaborated with some designers to create items using Mylo™, their brand of mycelium leather. However, they were not selling the material directly to consumers for their own use.

Products made from Mylo™ material are available directly from their network of brand partners. Product availability, release dates, distribution, and points of sale are controlled by their partners individually.

Another company called MycoWorks was also producing a mycelium-based leather called Reishi™, but like Bolt Threads, they were primarily working with partners in the fashion industry rather than selling the material directly to consumers.

There is another company called SQIM, although it’s not clear if they produce mycelium-based leather, since their website states: With EPHEA™️, SQIM brings to market an entirely new class of flexible mycelium materials. EPHEA™️ is not a leather replacement, but rather a set of products setting a new standard, thanks to the values, functionalities and overall opportunities provided by mycelium-based biofabrication.

If you are looking to buy items made of mushroom leather, you would likely have to purchase from a designer or brand that has chosen to use the material in their products. However, given the increasing interest in sustainable and plant-based materials, it’s likely that more options for purchasing mushroom leather will become available.

To get the most accurate and updated information, I would recommend doing a web search to see which companies are currently producing and selling mushroom leather. Keep in mind that these materials may be marketed under specific brand names, like Mylo™ or Reishi™, so be sure to look for those terms as well.

Production of Mycelium leather
Mycelium leather process

How is mycelium leather made?

The process begins with mycelium cells grown on a bed of renewable, organic substrate inside a vertical farming facility.

Billions of cells, or hyphea, form a densely interconnected network of soft foam that is harvested to make the mycelium raw material. The harvested mycelium is processed and transformed into sheets of soft biomaterial.