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The brushroll by Daniel Martin

MycoWorks is a biotech company founded by artists. Their story has guided their work in creating the world’s most beautiful, natural material. They focus on aesthetics and quality and choose to collaborate with people and brands that share their ethos. They work with artists from various fields, such as fashion designers, leather ateliers, photographers, painters, tattoo artists, chefs, models, and musicians.

MycoWorks announced its first collaboration with The Brushroll by Daniel Martin, made entirely with Reishi™. This one-of-a-kind brushroll was crafted by artist Beatrice Amblard and will be used by celebrity makeup artist Daniel Martin in his practice.

“As technologies evolve in my world of beauty, we must look outside the box for opportunities in using new materials moving forward. I love the idea of working with a natural premium material like Reishi to create something sustainable, luxurious and also functional as a makeup artist.”

Celebrity makeup artist and beauty trendsetter, Daniel Martin

MycoWorks developed a fine mycelium product called Reishi, which is a natural material that is made-to-order, customizable, and can compare in quality and performance to the finest animal leathers, with lower environmental impact.

The fine mycelium sheets are harvested at their peak and then finished by the company’s preferred tannery partner Curtidos Badia, who crafts Reishi to the fashion industry’s highest standards for leather. The Badia family, who has been in the business for four generations, is dedicated to preserving centuries-old leather tanning techniques and producing only the highest quality leather. They have set a new standard in the industry with their innovative processes, dedication to waste reduction, and focus on quality over quantity. Their expertise has been instrumental in developing Reishi into the material it is today.