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Reishi: A Breakthrough in the Fashion Industry

At the recent Paris Fashion Week, a new player made its way onto the fashion scene, capturing the attention of fashion lovers and industry insiders alike. Reishi™, a luxurious and soft material, was showcased at a private event organized by Deadwood, a niche Swedish fashion brand known for its commitment to both design and impact.

Held at Lucid Interval, a chic venue in the heart of Paris, Deadwood presented a made-to-order capsule collection crafted from Reishi™. The reaction was overwhelmingly positive, with attendees repeatedly touching the material and exclaiming, “Doux, très doux”

Reishi™ is a revolutionary material that combines natural fibers to create a unique blend that is both soft and gentle on the skin, as well as highly durable and long-lasting. This breakthrough material is set to change the fashion industry, offering a new level of comfort and luxury in clothing.

Xiva, a jacket made with Reishi™

Xiva, a long coat from Deadwood’s Mycelium Capsule, comes with a waist belt, a center-back slit, and double slits at the front. It has a button closure and a collar buckle. On the inside, there’s a brushed steel neck plate and an external square carries the logo plaque.

The coat is a piece of the Mycelium Capsule, the first ready-to-wear collection made completely from Fine Mycelium™. This unisex capsule contains a coat, a vest, a jacket, and a bag, all in a natural golden-brown color.