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Hats made with mycelium leather

Mycelium is a material that is becoming more popular worldwide. It can be used to make helmets, packaging, shoes, and even coffins. A company called MycoWorks, based in California, has created a special type of mycelium that they call Reishi. They used Reishi to make a new type of leather for hats.

A hat designer named Nick Fouquet made three hats using the Reishi material. One hat is called the Reishi Boletus bucket hat, and the other two are called Coprinus and Morchella. The hats are made in Venice, Italy.

Mycelium is an amazing substance that comes from the roots of mushrooms. It is very versatile and can grow in many different ways. Mycelium is a great alternative to animal-based materials because it is strong and doesn’t harm animals. Plus, it is eco-friendly because it has a low impact on the environment.