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Bicycle helmets based on hemp and mycelium

Arnhem-based design studio, MOM, has developed a bicycle helmet using mycelium bio-manufacturing, taking a significant step towards industrial-scale production. The helmet is made from a combination of hemp flakes and mycelium, a network of thread-like structures that make up the vegetative part of fungi.

Currently, bicycle helmets have a limited lifespan of three years for safety reasons, leading to a waste stream of non-recyclable materials made from a mixture of foam and plastic. However, the mycelium-based helmet developed by MOM requires no fossil raw materials and is 100% biodegradable, making it an eco-friendly alternative.

Bicycle helmets based on hemp flakes and mycelium

Using the network structure of mycelium, MOM’s helmet design creates extra cross-connections within the material, allowing for necessary airflow to cool the head while being worn. The outer shell and strap of the helmet are made from hemp textile, another biodegradable material that mycelium easily attaches itself to. During the growth process, the strap is fixed in place, connecting to the other parts of the helmet in the correct position.

The development of the mycelium-based helmet by MOM provides a sustainable solution to the current waste stream generated by traditional bicycle helmets. By using biodegradable materials and innovative design techniques, MOM has taken a step forward in creating eco-friendly products for everyday use.

For the strap and outer shell of MyHelmet, they used hemp textile, a biodegradable material to which mycelium attaches itself. The strap is fixed during the growth process and connects to the other parts at the correct position.

Images © Studio MOM @studio.mom