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Adidas Stan Smith Mylo

Adidas has unveiled their latest concept shoe, Stan Smith Mylo™, pioneering the use of a mushroom-derived material in their product range. This leap towards a sustainable future involves harnessing nature and using it to alleviate the dependency on non-renewable, fossil fuel-based resources.

Adidas recognizes its role in environmental concerns and commits to transforming its production process towards a circular model. They are using materials made from natural ingredients and lab-grown cells and proteins, enabling the eventual return of products back to nature. The advent of Stan Smith Mylo™ showcases Adidas’s drive to create nature-aligned footwear.

Adidas Stan Smith Mylo™

Creating mass-produced goods using natural materials has its challenges, especially ensuring ample supply and maintaining performance, durability, and comfort. Here, mycelium, a complex, renewable network found in soil and also the root structure of mushrooms, presents itself as a solution.

Mylo material, derived from mycelium, is cultivated via a highly efficient growth process that only takes two weeks. It employs innovative vertical farming techniques in a controlled lab environment to maximize yield per square foot.

Amy Jones Vaterlaus, Global Head of Future at Adidas, acknowledges the introduction of Mylo as a crucial stride in their bid to eliminate plastic waste. She advocates for a global shift towards working with nature, leveraging renewable resources, and creating products that are harmonious with Earth’s ecosystems.

Mylo material boasts versatility as it can adapt to any color, finish, or emboss. The first product showcasing this material is the Stan Smith shoe, an iconic Adidas product line. This strategy aims to expedite Mylo’s mass adoption, providing a quick, significant boost to environmental impact. A commercially viable product is expected shortly.

This innovative product is made possible through a partnership with Bolt Threads, a biotech firm committed to developing advanced materials. By honoring its legacy of creating sports shoes, Adidas infuses a renewed commitment to sustainability. Through such collaborations, Adidas strives to revolutionize product manufacturing and inspire similar actions across industries, contributing to a more sustainable world and the eradication of plastic waste.