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Taking inspiration from cellulose, the most abundant organic polymer on Earth, Celium™ emerges as an innovative substitute for traditional animal-based leather and petroleum-derived synthetics. This bacterial cellulose-based material provides a versatile canvas for designers, offering customization options like color, graining, embossing, and water resistance, without compromising its remarkable strength.

Embracing a vegan and organic approach, Celium™ boasts a lighter weight than cowhide. Its growth process allows for easy adjustments in thickness to cater to specific design needs. The organic nature of Celium™ ensures each piece carries a unique, fingerprint-like pattern, thus reinforcing its luxury status.

Celium™, essentially, mirrors nature’s wisdom in using cellulose for structuring its most exquisite creations.

Using a blend of material science and bioengineering, Celium™ is produced from bacterial cells fed with agro-industrial fruit waste. This process allows the cells to form a cellulose structure naturally. Once formed, Celium™ is sustainably stabilized for high performance.

Compliant with key environmental regulations, the production model greatly reduces the carbon footprint due to its 30-mile radius operation. Abundant fruit waste fuels the production of millions of square feet of Celium™ annually. The process is environmentally friendly, with no hazardous chemicals released and minimal waste, making Celium™ an example of a truly circular product.