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Polybion™ is growing premium, next-generation materials designed with nature and manufactured with biology. The company’s mission is to bring performance and possibility to 21st Century designers and material engineers.

Polybion™ uses waste as a raw material, and designs, produces, and finishes its bioassembled products under the same roof to increase sustainability and drive the circular economy.

Polybion’s first product, Celium™, is a bacterial cellulose-based, high-performance leather substitute.

After operating at scale for over a year, we hit an annual production capacity of 38,000 sq. ft., and in-house tanning, retanning, and finishing production lines are now fully operational.

We accomplished the finest bacterial-cellulose harvest in Polybion’s history, hitting new records on raw cellulose thickness, homogeneity, and growth cycles.

Innovations were incorporated into our tanning process, bringing Celium’s characteristics to never-seen-before performance in bacterial cellulose for leather-like applications. We proudly executed collaboration agreements with top global brands in the fashion, apparel, and sportswear industries.

Improving every part of our biomanufacturing process is a triumph for Polybion™ and the global transition to a circular economy and sustainability.