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Mycela Labs

Mycela creates self-growing composite materials for art, interior design, and architecture by combining fungal mycelium and local waste. The company believes that nature provides valuable guidance on how to live in symbiosis with the environment, and their biggest ally is mycelium – the root system of fungi that can be found on a tree trunk or deep underground.

Mycela’s mission is to design a new material world that prioritizes renewable resources and moves away from the exploitation of non-renewable resources. As designers and producers, they recognize the need to challenge the use of traditional materials that have a high environmental cost found in everyday objects. By using fungi as a living organism, Mycela transforms local and low-valued waste, such as wood chips, cardboard, textiles, seashells, or cellulose pulp, into a strong and 100% natural material.

Fungal material is an honest and regenerative alternative that can help nurture the planet back to health. By introducing the material back to nature after use, Mycela returns nutrients back to the soil and closes the circle of sustainability. As a company, Mycela is committed to rethinking its entire manufacturing process to prioritize sustainability and the use of renewable resources.