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The home of mycelium research, innovation and application

MycoHAB is a pioneering foundation that focuses on addressing food security, generating sustainable building materials, fostering job creation, and promoting a carbon-negative ecosystem by harnessing the power of mycelium technology. The platform provides a holistic solution that combines funding opportunities, breakthrough myco-research, and application know-how to create a sustainable impact that can be leveraged across territories.

Through the utilization of mycelium technology, MycoHAB presents an opportunity to contribute significantly to the green economy. The foundation was incubated within Standard Bank Group (SBG) as an innovative collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) Center for Bits and Atoms, but now operates independently from SBG and MIT.

MycoHAB continues to explore innovative ways to make dreams possible, focusing on fostering prosperity while benefiting the environment and its biodiversity. This forward-thinking approach aligns with the ideals of driving growth and investing in people.

Biohab is a demonstration project of MYCOHAB