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Comu Labs is a company that offers a sustainable and scalable business model for furniture production. The company’s founders, Ilia Litviak and Ilya Gindin, developed a mycelium-based material that resembles plywood from a mushroom farm built to convert restaurant waste and coffee husks into edible mushrooms.

Gindin designed a hyperlocal business model to source production with plywood and developed COMU microfactories, which are scalable, locally sourced, and efficient waste-based lumber alternatives produced in a shipping container.

On their website, I found this concept of a chair made out of mycelium plywood.

The first thing that came to mind was, what if I ask AI to create the other pieces of furniture? This is what I got back from it:

Not exactly what I had in mind. However, some of them definitely seem to have the structure that would go really well with the mycelium plywood.