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MOGU is a design company that manufactures sustainable and innovative products with a strong aesthetic value and advanced performances.
Starting from residues materials and by-products of other industrial
processes, it offers today the first products based on mycelium
available on the market, dedicated to interior design and architecture

Mogu’s technology is based on mycelium, the vegetative stage of mushrooms. The company has developed protocols to monitor mycelium growth and has learned to engineer the properties of resulting materials.

Acoustic panels

Mogu Acoustic panels are the first commercially available products made entirely of fungal mycelium and upcycled textile residues. Mogu Acoustic panels are the most sustainable solution for acoustic comfort.

Acoustic panels by Mogu

Resilient floors

Mogu Floor products use a proprietary, bio-based resin formulated with low-value biomasses like corn crops, rice straw, spent coffee grounds, discarded seaweed, and clam shells. Despite their stone-like appearance and structural toughness, Mogu Floor products have a warm and soft touch, making them a sustainable and comfortable choice for walking on.