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Advanced materials for a healthy planet

Scientists at Forager study the growth of mycelium to identify its most useful traits such as tensile strength, waterproofing, fire resistance, pliability, and texture. Fungi, which are the result of millions of years of evolution, have refined mycelium into a material that is incredibly resilient and has many other valuable qualities. Forager can match or exceed technical and performance markers for specific applications in the apparel, fashion, and automotive industries based on a brand or partner’s needs. The resulting material is designed by humans and fashioned by nature.

Breathable, insulating, water-repellant, and naturally fire-resistant, Forager™ foams are an open-cell, fully compostable material made of 100% pure mycelium.

Forager uses AirMycelium technology to produce large format sheets of premium, pure mycelium material. The company is able to produce 3 million square feet of material annually on one acre of land using this technology. In nature, mycelium grows underground through organic debris such as logs and leaves.

In Forager’s controlled vertical farms, mycelium grows in a substrate made of agricultural byproducts.

The AirMycelium process guides the mycelium to grow into dense tissues that mimic flesh, technical foams, or other complex structures for a wide range of applications. In nature, mushrooms typically grow above the substrate, but under the controlled conditions of Forager’s vertical farms, the mycelium itself is guided to grow into these structures.

Hides & foams

Forager Foams and Hides offer an infinite variety of densities, textures, and finishes that meet the highest standards of the fashion and apparel industries. These materials are produced at scale and are completely biodegradable after their use is completed. They provide a luxurious alternative to animal or plastic-based materials, without the negative environmental impact, and are tailored for their intended applications.

Forager™ Foams and Hides provide an infinite variety of densities, textures, and finishes.