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MykoFoam is an inventive insulation solution made entirely from mycelium. This material provides exceptional thermal and acoustic insulation performance while being created from wholly renewable bio-based waste.

In terms of production, MykoFoam stands head and shoulders above the rest. It consumes 90% less water, requires 40% less energy, and emits 60% less CO2 compared to typical insulation materials like expanded polystyrene (EPS). Moreover, when compared with traditional insulations such as plastic foams and mineral wools, MykoFoam emerges as an equally robust competitor, delivering similar performance with a substantially smaller environmental footprint.

MykoFoam differentiates itself through superior fire resistance, breathability, and moisture control. Designed for interior use, it can be custom-made to fit specific dimensions or provided in standardized sheet sizes.

The production of MykoFoam is currently happening in a facility located in Portugal. As the company is still in the pilot phase, they kindly request a five-week lead time for orders.