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Mycoworks’ flagship product, Reishi™, embodies a pioneering class of natural material, birthed from their unique Fine Mycelium™ technology. Demonstrating the resilience, durability, and tactile appeal similar to top-quality animal leathers, Reishi™ also offers a reduced environmental footprint. Mycoworks cultivates Reishi™ within their California facilities, after which it undergoes tanning and finishing processes in Europe, utilizing Mycoworks’ proprietary, chrome-free tanning and dying methods.

Reishi™ comes in a diverse range of finishes:

Reishi™ Natural presents plush, luxurious sheets which accentuate the innate richness, allure, and diversity of Reishi™.

Reishi™ Doux offers sleek, elegant sheets providing a polished aesthetic that subtly reveals the growth pattern of Reishi™.

Reishi™ Raw features silky, refined sheets that display the unprocessed aesthetic of Reishi™ while maintaining a desirable tactile sensation and durability.

Reishi™ Pebble showcases round, robust, luxurious sheets that emphasize a traditional pebble texture.