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The innovative, proprietary bio-manufacturing method that is the backbone of EPHEA has its roots in fungal fermentation and the subsequent enhancement of low-grade organic biomass.

SQIM has deftly merged the benefits of solid state fermentation with those of liquid/dynamic fermentation methods. The result is a unique technology that produces the most reliable, uniform, and superior quality materials in the mycelium domain: EPHEA.

Initially, EPHEA was a simple lab-scale prototype, going through countless adjustments during R&D. Nowadays, it is cultivated in a dedicated pilot facility to cater to the needs of respected early adopters. As the expansion of operations continues, the anticipation grows for the upcoming unveiling of more industrialization steps and the novel production system that fuels the facility. This system is geared towards delivering larger volumes of first-rate EPHEA materials to the market, while drastically reducing emissions and overall impact for the welfare of all inhabitants of our planet.

The production of EPHEA™ is achieved by feeding mycelium with low-value organic feedstock and directing it through custom-made fermentation processes. This process allows it to morph into a variety of materials, each with properties specifically tailored to requirements. As such, EPHEA™ is grown and finished within a short timeframe, offering endless opportunities for the fashion industry and beyond.