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Myceen grows compostable and carbon-negative future materials by combining mycelium and organic byproducts.

Myceen combines mushroom mycelium with industrial byproducts to create carbon-negative materials, with a current focus on producing furniture and interior products.

By using fungi in this process, Myceen leverages nature’s intelligence to develop sustainable and natural products. Through ongoing research and design, Myceen is actively transforming the built environment into a more sustainable one. Fungi have been an integral part of the Earth’s ecosystem for millions of years, making them highly advanced organisms that have much to teach humans.

Myceen recognizes the importance of learning from fungi and their unique properties to create a more sustainable future. The company is committed to exploring the endless possibilities of fungi and remains open to new ideas and applications for this material.

By combining nature’s intelligence with design and research, Myceen is actively leading the way towards a more sustainable and natural approach to product design and manufacturing.