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Michroma is a biotech platform that uses synthetic biology to produce natural, sustainable, and cost-effective ingredients made by fungi. They are partnering with filamentous fungi to develop proprietary strains capable of producing high-performance ingredients in bioreactors.

Michroma’s first products are pH and thermal stable food colorants which are being prototyped with top food & beverage and cosmetic companies worldwide. They are also producing mycoprotein and planning to release more ingredients in the future. Michroma was accelerated by Indiebio (Batch 9) and is part of Mista.

The company is based in Rosario, Argentina, and San Francisco, USA.

Michroma aims to create the next generation of natural ingredients in partnership with the most powerful biofactory in nature, fungi. They combine synthetic biology and precision fermentation to create sustainable and healthy ingredients.

The startup recently raised $6.4 million in a venture-backed seed round and is in talks with consumer heavyweights, including Danone, Grupo Bimbo, and NotCo, to bring their sustainable products to the market upon FDA approval in the next two years.

Co-founded by Ricky Cassini and Dr. Mauricio Braia in 2019, Michroma leverages precision fermentation technology to extract high-performance colorants from mushrooms. According to Dr. Braia, Michroma combines a unique fungal chassis strain with precision fermentation to produce high-value complex molecules with high yields, which was previously unseen in the biotech industry.