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Grown.bio is a pioneer in sustainable packaging based on mycelium. CEO Jan Berbee discovered MycoCompositeâ„¢ technology through their partner, Ecovative Design, based in the US, back in 2016. To make this idea a reality, Arthur Moree stepped in as the CTO, bringing the technical expertise needed to build a factory. Since those early days, Grown.bio has experienced robust growth.

The company worked with designers to create a collection of interior items and artwork. Grown.bio’s latest innovation is an insulation panel, the purpose of which is to guide the building industry towards bio-based products.

Sustainability is at the core of Grown.bio’s mission – it aims to be environmentally, financially, and socially sustainable. Grown.bio strives for diversity, believing it to be integral for a balanced organization. The company is open to employing individuals who have faced barriers to employment, providing opportunities for professional development and growth.