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The Great Separation

The Last Satya Yuga

In the Hindu concept of time, the Satya Yuga era, spanning both ascending and descending periods of 6 to 7,000 years or more, represents the Golden Age of Humankind. In this era, all technology was internal, with a very high vibration. Individuals possessed the ability to travel by bending space and time, enabling them to move anywhere on or off the planet without external machinery. During parts of the Lemurian or Atlantean civilizations, no governments existed. These societies were characterized by the absence of laws, violence, wars, police, a justice system, money, and prisons. Most importantly, they were devoid of fear.

In the midst of the Lemurian and the early Atlantean civilization, the vibrational level was so elevated that Angels coexisted with human beings. Communication occurred through empathic telepathy. The combined duration of these civilizations spanned approximately 75,000 years, both before and after The Great Separation. The spoken languages, reminiscent of Aboriginal and Māori tongues, consisted of simple, actionable verbs and phrases, primarily used for everyday functions and singing. Complex thoughts and emotions were conveyed through empathic telepathy. Before The Great Separation, physical death was a rarity.

The Elohim

The Elohim emerged from Creation, manifesting around millions of key-planets identified as promising for the development of higher consciousness. In common terms, the Elohim represents a demiurgic intelligence, dispatched by God to aid the evolution of various entities on Earth, including whales, dolphins, bats, crows, ravens, and numerous other creatures, plants, and trees. This mission aims to guide them towards attaining their highest levels of consciousness. The Elohim offers continuous opportunities for all biological and non-biological beings to grow and evolve within the continuum of higher consciousness.

Composed of high-energy photon plasma, the Elohim comprises twelve dyads (or 24 linked beings on 3 levels). Collectively, these beings operate the core aspects of ‘being’ in various endeavors, functioning as the heart, eyes, and other essential elements.


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