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Speakers made from mycelium

Mushrooms never fail to impress as they are used for various innovative purposes such as leather alternatives, packaging materials, and even fruit bowls.

MYCOAUDIO, a company that aims to strike a balance between nature and audio technology, has developed a speaker that utilizes mycelium roots as its interior acoustic insulation. Inside the R1 speakers lies a mushroomy center composed of reishi mycelium.

You might wonder why mushrooms are incorporated into this speaker. It is because the structure of mycelium roots closely resembles the foam insulation that is typically utilized in speakers to enhance acoustics. By using this mycelium alternative, there is no need for plastic-based foams.

MYCOAUDIO presented their work in ‘The Mycelium Network,’ a collaborative exhibition curated by @space_available_ and presented at @wearebraindead fabrication, which features a talented group of artists and designers who share their passion for showcasing the groundbreaking potential of Mycelium.