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Earth is the third planet from the Sun in our solar system. It’s located in the Milky Way galaxy, which is a barred spiral galaxy. The Milky Way is just one of the billions of galaxies in the observable universe.

Earth is unique among the planets in our solar system because it has a diverse range of life forms, including millions of species of plants, animals, and microorganisms. It’s the only planet known to support life.

In the context of the universe, Earth is a tiny speck. The universe is vast, expanding, and incomprehensibly large. Earth, along with the entire solar system, is part of this vast cosmic tapestry, residing in a relatively quiet and stable region of our galaxy. Despite its small size compared to the universe, Earth is of immense significance to us, being our home and the only known place in the universe where life exists.



“My name is Cairo. The word Cairo in Atlantis meant Earth: Earth as a living planet!

In Sumarian: Sumer or Shin’ar

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