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Draconian – Reptilian Race

The Anunnaki left behind four different Races of Beings.

  1. The first was the Reptilian Race who were the ‘Slave Masters’ of the thousands of Hybrid Humans created to work the multitude of mines.
  2. The second were the Afro-Atlanteans who were the original inhabitants of the land.
  3. The third Race was the “Little People” who were created to work the mines and now had no ‘Master’. They would eventually integrate into other African races such as the Bergdama and the Bushman.
  4. The Fourth Race was the Nephilim — a Being of Giant stature and hated by all. The Nephilim Giants were then systematically wiped out.


It is unknown when the vicious “Reptilian Race” first appeared on Planet Earth, but they did, and were used by the Anunnaki as the ‘Keepers of the Slave Man’. These ferocious Beings were a horrendous addition to the Anunnaki force, and as can be seen on various Ancient Paintings, they were engaged in many conflict situations with their Allies, the ‘Igigi’. It was because of this aggression they were used to guard the essential ‘Stargates’. Source

Above — A horrendous “Reptilian” at Glen-Norah Farm, Zimbabwe.

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