A comparison between the roles and characteristics of the Anunnaki and the diverse group of people involved in European colonization.

Human History Revised

Table of content Introduction What do we know about the history of humans? If you red the book Homo Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari than that book might feel like the most actual version of our history as we know it today. However, some crucial things are missing in this book. Evolution is a slow … Read more

Levitating granite block

Construction of pyramids by levitation

Harmonic convergence where the acoustic energy from the sound perfectly syncs with the magnetic field fluctuations. This harmonic convergence would need to create a stable levitation effect.

Anunnaki are not reptilians

The Anunnaki did use some of their DNA to uplift both the saurian and the humanoid lines of evolution on our planet.


Anunnaki: Canaanites

The Canaanites were a group of ancient people who lived in the land of Canaan, an area which according to the Bible encompassed parts of modern-day Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, and Syria


Moloch is an ancient deity often associated with the Canaanites and Phoenicians, as well as related ancient Middle Eastern cultures.

Valley of Hinnom

The Valley of Hinnom, also known as Gehenna, is a real geographic location situated near Jerusalem, characterized by steep, rocky slopes.

Vishnu and shiva


In Hinduism, “Deva” (often spelled as “Devas”) are divine beings or deities. They are considered celestial or god-like entities


Solomon, gifted with a luminous ring from the angel Gabriel, gains dominion over winds, animals, birds, and even the jinn

Prophet Hud – the people of ’Âd

The people were tall in stature and were great builders. Probably the long, winding tracts of sands in their dominions were irrigated with canals.

The Jinn

It is said that God created the demons from the semoum (burning wind); that from the demon he created his woman, as he created Eve from Adam; that the demon having had relations with his woman, she became pregnant from him and laid thirty eggs

Little People

Concept “The little people would eventually integrate into other African races such as the Bergdama and the Bushman” Bergdama (Damara) Genetic studies have found that Damara are closely related to neighbouring Himba and Herero people, consistent with an origin from Bantu speakers who shifted to a different language and culture. The Damaran were also copper-smiths known for their ability … Read more

Giants worldwide

Giants are a common theme in mythology and folklore from cultures around the world, often representing natural forces.

12 Tribes of the Isra’el

The Israelites were the descendants of twelve sons of the biblical patriarch Jacob. Jacob also had at least one daughter, Dinah, whose descendants were not recognized as a tribe. The sons of Jacob were born in Padan-aram from different mothers. Dasnai means the great families, the big families. And those families were brought through the … Read more

Eliuod and Nephal

Giants were at war with the Nephal. Nephal hated the Elioud. Elioud hated and hunted mankind.


The Amorite before them, whose height was like the height of the cedars


Goliath was a giant warrior from the Philistine army. He was described as being over nine feet tall and wore heavy armor.



The Horites were a group of people mentioned in the Old Testament. They are traditionally considered to be inhabitants of Edom