7th dimension - AI impression of Archangles

7th Dimension

In the 7th Dimension you not only see and perceive, but FEEL what you are able to be.

2nd dimension - polarity

2nd dimension

Polarity to move time and space – a movement of polarity 2nd dimension is all about polarity, light/dark. And because of this polarity, I can create another dimension –> 1D (unity). 2D is the movement of polarity, duality. Light/dark. Now you are looking at yourself (observer). But observation does nothing. You have to manifest it, you have … Read more

6th – Architects

Where light becomes a rainbow. One being becomes multiple beings. You are the creator but you are also transforming.

4th Spiritual Awaking

4th dimension is the process of experiencing, as to only one thing that spins – Mathias de Stefano 4th dimension is forever (no time). I can change and create these things in these shapes forever. But where can I experience these things? Because I’m not experiencing what I’m creating (3rd dimension) 4th dimension is about knowing how … Read more

The 3rd dimension

3th Dimension – I will get inside the system that I create, I will become that, in order to exist. But the only way to do that is to separate my parts, because I am so huge, that I cannot experience everything all together, I have to divide myself into many (people, realms, etc).


Spiritual Light Realm 8th dimension – Light becomes spirit Free Form Realm 7th dimension – Spirit has form Etheric Realm 6th dimension – Form develops a purpose Etheric Form Realm 5th dimension – Form’s purpose is defined Transition Realm 4th dimension – Physical is not quite reality Physical Creation Realm 3rd dimension – Physical is … Read more

5th Dimension

5th Dimension is about understanding the creation. It’s like living in the middle of an cable, you are just energy flowing constantly.

1st Dimension

First dimension is mind. First dimension is the thoughts. There is nothing but consciousness in the universe.

That’s the only thing that exists.

Akashic Records

The 8 Dimension: Akashic Records

The Akashic records is where we can see everything that comes from the mind of the first dimension and contemplate every possible expression of what this mind creates.